Solutions Center Benefits from Holiday Generosity

Fond du Lac area residents supported Solutions Center in numerous ways throughout the holiday season.

More than 60 Solutions Center families received gifts through the annual Adopt-A-Family program. “I wasn’t sure that I would be able to provide a Christmas for my children this year,” said one mom as her jaw dropped seeing the huge box of presents ear-marked for her family. “I just can’t believe that some people would do something like this for a stranger.” The program is open to all families who have stayed at a shelter in the past year and victims of domestic violence seeking therapy services.

Baskets of Hope
New this year was the kick-off to a Baskets of Hope collection. This on-going project consists of filling laundry baskets with items clients need when moving out of the shelters and into a place of their own – cleaning supplies, paper products, personal hygiene items, etc. Dozens of these baskets were dropped off during the holidays to be utilized throughout the year.

Many guests come to the shelters with very little – often just some clothing in a garbage bag.  These baskets get them started out with many of their basic needs.

Home for the Holidays Donations
Christmastime is when Solutions Center does its annual Home for the Holidays mail solicitation and many area businesses, individuals and organizations have supported Solutions Center in this way. These much-needed funds allow the agency to keep the doors open at four shelters (Men’s, Women’s, Warming and Family) and an administrative office. These tax-deductable donations are accepted year round.

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