About Us

Believe there's a better life. Then we can help make it happen.

Domestic abuse and homelessness are horrific issues that will not go away by ignoring them. Solutions Center exists because while these two issues may have their dis-similarities, they have one very important thing in common – they affect human beings.

Solutions Center:

  • Nurtures the dignity of the human spirit
  • Helps those in need
  • Provides safety, offers support and restores hope

Oftentimes, domestic abuse and homelessness aren’t so distantly related. Many of our victims of domestic abuse find themselves homeless because they’ve left their homes in fear of their own safety. Many of our homeless clients have dealt with abusive families for years, including in their childhood.

We come to find, in many cases, these two issues are inextricably linked and Solutions Center is extremely well-equipped to help people dealing with either…or both.

Solutions Center offers a multitude of services to those dealing with domestic abuse and homelessness. Our staff is made up of caring and dedicated professionals, on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to work closely with those in crisis. Our professionals understand that every situation is different, and services are personalized to each individual that is in need of assistance.

Individuals in crisis are encouraged to contact Solutions Center at any time.

Homeless Shelter for Families & Singles

Domestic Violence Shelter