Holidays & Handbags: Father’s Day/Sizzling Summer

Open for bids May 1st – May 31st through our Facebook Page.

All bids must be done through our Facebook page in these simple steps:

  1. Find our Facebook Page and give it a “Like”
  2. Every current basket that is available for bidding will be pinned to the top of our page
  3. Enter your bid in the comments section of the post
  4. All bids must have $5 increase increments
  5. The basket will go to the top bidder

Here we come, May! We are thrilled to announce our next Holidays & Handbags Basket: Father’s Day (or Sizzling Summer!)!

Thank you to ALL Dads out there, and another huge thank you to Grande Cheese for being our May Handbag Sponsor!

This basket is a perfect gift for anyone including you (yes, you, Superdad!) or a wonderful Dad in your life (because he is a Superdad, too!). Not only is this basket filled with a lot of amazing stuff, but you’ll be giving a second gift to another Dad in our community using Solutions Center services…the same services the proceeds from these basket support!

Okay, here’s the details:

  • 💙 A handmade regulation size Wisconsin bags set, including a set of bags for each team (plus, the boards light up at night!)
  • 💙 $100 to Festival Foods for all your food and drink needs on a hot summer day
  • 💙 5 coupons for FREE Johnsonville Brats
  • 💙 A 24 oz YETI mug to keep those drinks cool
  • 💙 $30 gift card to Widmer Cheese
  • 💙 An orange crossbody bag (because this is Holidays AND Handbags!)

This basket is valued at $450 and bidding will start at $115. All bids must increase by at least $5.00. Bids must be made in the comments section of our Facebook page throughout the month of May. Good Luck!

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